Monday, 12 March 2012

The way the night knows itself with the moon, be that (way) with me.

– Rumi, “In the Arc of Your Mallet.” (13th Century.)

Diego talks about prose and love. M.F. 2012

A 2010 study at Stanford University showed that passionate love has the same effects as painkillers or illicit drugs. Professor of psychology Arthur Aron, PhD elaborates:

"When thinking about your beloved, there is intense activation in the rewards area of the brain - the same area that lights up when you take cocaine, the same area that lights up when you win..."

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TeresaElectro said...

That's why people say being in love is like being temporarily insane. I swear there is a quote that goes something like to be in love for a long time or married, one must embrace disillusions. To not, would be to be alone forever.

Reading your Rumi quote, reminds me of another book to replace! Will this mourning for my lost literary treasures ever cease?